Climbers Need Crossword Clue (Right Answers)

The answer to the Climbers’ need crossword clue with four letters is likely to be SPUR

Climbers need crossword clue4SPUR

Many scientists believe crossword puzzles are more than just a fun hobby.

In addition to improving your memory and verbal skills, puzzles help you solve problems and focus your thoughts.

According to science, crosswords are an effective and fun way to improve your mental health.

It has been proven that playing crosswords improves brain function in a number of studies.

What Does a Spur Mean?

A spur is a sudden impulse or motivation that leads to action.

The word “spur” comes from the Old English “spura” meaning “a sharp point on the heel of a horse’s shoe.”

The idea of using spurs to urge on horses was translated into human behavior, and the word came to be used in phrases such as “to spur someone on.”

What Do a Spur and Climbers Have in Common?

A spur is a type of mountain climbing equipment that is used to help climbers ascend steep slopes and cliffs.

It consists of two parts: a metal point and a leather strap.

Climbers use the spurs to make handholds in the rock as they climb, which helps them ascend steep slopes and cliffs.

Thus, we think that the answer to the crossword clue climbers need is a spur.

Climbers need crossword puzzle clue is a classical US puzzle game that we have spotted over 32 times.

We hope that the list of synonyms below for the puzzle clue climbers need will help you finish today’s crossword.

We have arranged more synonyms for the climber’s need crossword clue.

  • SPUR – Climbers need
  • TOEHOLD – Rock climber’s need
  • ENDURANCE – Mountain climber’s need
  • STAMINA – Mountain climbers need
  • TRELLIS – Likely backer when climbers need training?
  • ROPES – Rock climbers’ needs
  • ALPS – Climbers’ challenges
  • ROPE – Mountain climber’s need
  • ICEAX – Alpine climber’s need
  • LITTLE ROCK – Boring place for climbers?
  • PITON – Mountain climber’s need
  • GOATS – Horned mountain climbers
  • BOOST – Inept climber’s need
  • MASSIF – Challenge to climbers
  • SKI LIFTS – Mountain climbers, of a sort
  • CLEAT – Climber’s need

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