Computerized Images Crossword Clue (Right Answers)

The Computerized Images crossword clue with 5 letters was last seen on November 23, 2022. We think the likely answer to this clue is SCANS.

Below you can find all possible answers to the computerized images crossword clue ordered by their rank.

Crossword ClueLengthAnswer
Computerized Images Crossword Clue5SCANS

You can find multiple different answers below for the computerized images crossword clue.

If you鈥檙e not sure which answer to choose, double-check the letter count to make sure it fits into your grid.

What Is a Computerized Images Crossword Clue?

A computerized images crossword clue is a clue in which the answer is SCANS.

What Does It Mean to Scan Images?

Scanning an image is the process of capturing information by capturing an image of the printed page.

By capturing this information, you can import the information into your document, spreadsheet, or database.

Computerized Images Crossword Clue (Right Answers)
Computerized Images Crossword Clue (Right Answers)

Computerized images is a very popular puzzle game in the USA that we have spotted over 35 times.

Our team hopes that the list of synonyms for the computerized images crossword clue will help you finish today鈥檚 crossword.

We have gathered even more useful synonyms for the computerized images crossword clue, which you can find in the list of clues below.

List of Synonyms to the Computerized Images Crossword Clue

  • SCANS – Computerized images
  • SCAN – Computerized images
  • RES – Low- _ images
  • CAD CAM – Abbr., computerized design and manufacturing
  • EGOS – Inflated self-images
  • DATABASE – Computerized data in a system
  • TATTOOS – Body images
  • COMPUTER GENERATED ENVIRONMENT – Computerized simulation
  • AGEISM – Images
  • DATA LAGERS – Computerized beers
  • CAMERA – Device for capturing visual images
  • MACHINE DONE – Computerized
  • ARCADES – Computerized playgrounds
  • PHOTOSHOP – Software used to manipulate images
  • ICONIC – Like sacred images
  • BEDIM – Remove light from some proscribed images
  • COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY – Computerized axial tomography
  • PAWPRINTS – Images on Clemson Tigers merchandise
  • INSTAGRAM – It stores images showing popular pair of beastly males
  • COMPUTERIZED AXIAL TOMOGRAPHY – Computerized tomography
  • RETINA – Where images focus
  • X-RAY SCAN – Computerized axial tomography
  • C T SCANNER – Computerized tomography
  • COMPUTER ASSISTED TOMOGRAPHY SCAN – Computerized axial tomography
  • EMAILS – Computerized messages
  • SIMS – Computerized trials
  • APP – Computerized contrivance
  • DATASET – Computerized records
  • COMPUTER ASSISTED TOMOGRAPHY – Computerized axial tomography
  • AUTOPILOT – Computerized captain
  • DATALAGERS – Computerized beers
  • COMPUTERIZED TOMOGRAPHY – Computerized axial tomography scanner
  • DATABASE – Computerized information
  • EXPERT SYSTEM – Computerized data in a system
  • AUTOMATED – Computerized
  • CAT SCAN – Computerized tomography scan
  • ARCADES – Computerized playgrounds
  • 2% SMARTTRAMS – Computerized streetcars
  • X RAY – Computerized axial tomography
  • COMPUTED AXIAL TOMOGRAPHY – Computerized axial tomography scanner

Crossword Puzzle Tips and Trivia

How many words are used in crossword puzzles?

The answer to this question is that the number of words in a crossword puzzle varies from puzzle to puzzle.

In some puzzles, there are as many as 50 words, while in others there are only 10 words.

The number of words also depends on the size of the grid and the difficulty level.

A crossword puzzle is a word game where players must find clues and fill in a grid of letters that spell out answers to different questions.

Puzzles can be solved with a pen or pencil and paper or by using an online solver program.

Is it possible to create your own crossword puzzles?

It is possible to create your own crossword puzzles.

All you need is a word processor and a pen.

The first step is to create a grid that will contain all the clues and words of the crossword puzzle.

It should be as square as possible, with an equal number of rows and columns.

The size can vary depending on how difficult you want your puzzle to be.

The more clues there are, the smaller the grid should be; while if there are few clues, then you can use a bigger grid size.

Second, come up with a theme for your crossword puzzle: what will it be about?

Once you have decided on this, select appropriate words that fit in with your theme and write them in each cell of the grid.

You can also add some letters in cells that do not have any words to make sure that every cell has at least one letter.

Third, come up with some good clues for each word or phrase in your crossword.

What should you do if you get stuck while solving a crossword puzzle?

If you are stuck on a crossword puzzle, there are a few things that you can do.

You can look for words that fit the letters you have and see if they work.

You can also look for words that have the same pattern as the letters you have.

Finally, if all else fails, you can use a hint or ask for help from someone who knows more about crossword puzzles than you do.

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