Kind of Musical Wonder Crossword Clue (Right Answers)

We found the solution for the Kind of Musical Wonder crossword clue. The top solution is determined by ratings, popularity, and frequency of searches. The most likely answer for the clue is ONEHIT.

Crossword ClueLengthAnswer
Kind of Musical Wonder Crossword Clue6ONEHIT

You can find multiple different answers below for the Kind of Musical Wonder crossword clue.

If you are unsure which is the correct answer to choose, double-check the letter count to make sure it fits into your crossword grid.

What Is the Kind of Musical Wonder Crossword Clue?

We will be looking at the definition of the crossword clue for Kind of Musical Wonder.”

A crossword puzzle clue is a word or phrase that hints at the answer to a crossword puzzle.

A crossword puzzle clue may be a word, phrase, or partial word.

And the crossword clue for Kind of Musical Wonder is ONEHIT.

What Is One Hit in Kind of Musical Wonder?

One-hit wonders are those who only manage to achieve one chart hit, while those who achieve several hits are sometimes called multi-platinum or multi-platinum artists.

Artists are only considered one-hit wonders after their hit song ends their chart career.

Kind of Musical Wonder is a very popular puzzle game in the USA that we have spotted over 12 times.

Our team hopes that the list of synonyms for the Kind of Musical Wonder crossword clue will help you finish today’s crossword.

We have gathered even more useful synonyms for the Kind of Musical Wonder crossword clue, which you can find in the list of clues below.

List of Synonyms for the Kind of Musical Wonder Crossword Clue

  • ONEHIT – Kind of Musical Wonder
  • FUGUE – Kind of musical composition associated with Bach
  • SHETLAND – Kind of sheepdog
  • ONE HIT – Kind of musical wonder
  • SPINAL – Kind of column
  • PARENTAL – Kind of guidance
  • SHARP – Kind of musical note
  • ASKS – Doesn’t just wonder
  • SONG RECITAL – Kind of musical performance
  • TENOR – Kind of sax
  • WOOD – Kind of musical instrument
  • ONSITE – Kind of inspection
  • TREBLE – Kind of musical clef
  • TINEAR – Lack of musical skill
  • STEVIE – Musical Wonder
  • COFFEE – Kind of table
  • WIND – Kind of musical instrument
  • LANCE – Kind of corporal
  • OPERATE – Work with a kind of musical note
  • ONETON – Kind of pickup
  • OPERA – Love for a particular kind of musical entertainment
  • CIV – Kind of engr
  • WHOLE – Kind of musical note represented by an open oval
  • RUGBY – Kind of football
  • FORTE – Skill rendering sort of musical passage
  • AMAZING – Causing wonder
  • AM I PERIWINKLE – Off-color musical question of 1929
  • OOHED – Expressed wonder
  • WEST SIDE STORY – Destroy wisest sort of musical
  • DRAKE – Kind of duck
  • RECITAL – A telling sort of musical entertainment
  • SOS – Kind of pad
  • DESCANT – Kind of musical accompaniment from cat’s den
  • PASTORALE – Former church abandoning one sort of musical work for another
  • WOULDNT IT BE NICE – Etiquette expert’s musical question
  • YOU GO – Musical question asked by Jax Jones featuring MNEK
  • WHERE – Musical question asked by Jax Jones featuring MNEK
  • WHERE DID – Across Musical question asked by Jax Jones featuring MNEK
  • CAN I GET A WITNESS – District attorney’s musical question

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