Mountain Nymph Crossword Clue (Right Answers)

We found a solution to the Italian Mountain Nymph crossword clue with 5 letters. We think the likely answer to this clue is OREAD.

Crossword ClueLengthAnswer
Mountain Nymph Crossword Clue5OREAD

You may find several answers below for the Mountain Nymph crossword clue.

If you鈥檙e not sure which answer to choose, double-check the letter count to make sure it fits into your grid.

You can find all of the known answers to this clue below.

What Is Mountain Nymph Crossword Clue?

Mountain Nymph is a type of crossword.

The most likely answer to the Mountain Nymph crossword is OREAD.

What Are Oreads in Greek Mythology?

Oreads are a type of nymph from Greek mythology, which was associated with mountains, hills, and grottoes.

They were believed to inhabit these places and were often described as being divine spirits of nature.

Oreads were also associated with the cult of Dionysus, the god of wine, and were thought to be responsible for the production of wine.

These nymphs were believed to be the daughters of Zeus and were known for their beauty and charm.

They were said to be able to lure unsuspecting mortals to their lairs and seduce them with their alluring song.

Oreads were also associated with healing, as they were said to have the power to cure diseases and even bring the dead back to life.

Mountain Nymph clue is a classical US puzzle game that we have spotted over 39 times.

We hope that the list of synonyms below for the Mountain Nymph crossword clue will help you finish today鈥檚 crossword.

We have arranged more synonyms for the Mountain Nymph crossword clue.

  • OREAD – Mountain Nymph
  • OREAS – Mountain nymph: Lat.
  • ECHO – Mythical mountain nymph
  • ECHOS – Belonging to the mountain nymph of ancient Greek mythology known for her voice
  • IBEX – Mountain goat
  • OENONE – Literally meaning “A wine woman,” a mountain nymph whose lover, Paris, deserted her for Helen
  • OREADS – Mythological mountain nymphs
  • COUGARS – Tawny mountain cats
  • OREADES – Mountain nymphs in Greek mythology
  • ELEV – Mountain ht.
  • DAPHNE – Laurel tree nymph
  • PEAK – Mountain
  • TOOTSIE – Nymph
  • TARN – Mountain lake
  • JAILBAIT – Nymph
  • DRYAD – Wood nymph
  • NYMPHET – Nymph
  • ARETE – Mountain crest
  • GODDESS – Nymph
  • NAIAD – Water nymph
  • NAIAD – Nymph of myth
  • SINAI – Mountain top following fault
  • NEREID – Mythological sea nymph
  • OSAR – Swedish mountain ridge
  • ASIA – Area named after a Greek nymph
  • ALPS – European mountain range
  • MAUNA – Hawaiian mountain
  • GIRL – Nymph
  • RIDGE – Mountain feature
  • MAID – Nymph
  • SIERRA – Mountain chain
  • FEMALE – Nymph
  • FAIRY – Nymph
  • MAIDEN – Nymph
  • PIXIE – Nymph
  • MERMAID – Nymph
  • FAUNS – Nymph chasers


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