Sherpas Sightings Crossword Clue (Right Answers)

We found a solution to the Sherpas Sightings crossword clue with 4 letters. We think the likely answer to this clue is YETI.

Crossword ClueLengthAnswer
Sherpas Sightings Crossword Clue4YETI

You may find several answers below for the Sherpas Sightings crossword clue.

If you鈥檙e not sure which answer to choose, double-check the letter count to make sure it fits into your grid.

You can find all of the known answers to this clue below.

What Are Sherpas Sightings Crossword Clue?

Sherpas Sightings is a type of crossword.

The most likely answer to the Sherpas Sightings clue is YETI.

What Is Yeti Sherpas Sighting Crossword Clue?

The Yeti, commonly referred to as the Abominable Snowman in western popular culture, is said to inhabit the Himalayan mountain range in Asia.

There have been numerous attempts to validate the existence of the Yeti, such as anecdotal visual accounts, though they remain largely unsubstantiated.

Sherpas Sightings clue is a classical US puzzle game that we have spotted over 30 times.

We hope that the list of synonyms below for the Sherpas Sightings crossword clue will help you finish today鈥檚 crossword.

We have arranged more synonyms for the Sherpas Sightings crossword clue.

  • YETI – Sherpas Sightings
  • TALLYHO – Fox-sighting cry
  • NEPAL – Land of Sherpas
  • COMET – Space sighting
  • N E P A L I S – Sherpas, e.g.
  • FIN – Part seen during a shark sighting
  • NEPALI – Like some sherpas
  • NEPALI – Like the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay
  • YETIS – Sherpas’ sightings
  • UFO – _ sighting
  • PORTERS – Sherpas
  • NEPAL – Sherpa land
  • PHRASES – Sherpas translated groups of words
  • NEPALESE – Sherpa
  • SEVEREST – Most serious Sherpas start on mountain
  • TENT – Sherpa shelter
  • ASIAN – Like Sherpas
  • TIBETAN – Sherpa, perhaps
  • TIBETAN – Like Sherpas
  • ESPIAL – Sighting
  • GHEE – Butter that Sherpas might use
  • GUIDEPOST – Sherpas’ newspaper
  • GUIDE – Sherpa
  • NEPALESE – Sherpas, e.g.
  • ASIAN – Like Sherpa people
  • SNOWMAN – Sherpas now mandated to carry a cold individual
  • YETIS – Sherpa-alleged sightings
  • PAST IT – Getting over the hill, some sherpas titter
  • STRATUS – Sky sighting
  • GUIDE – Sherpa’s role, often
  • PEMPEM – Sherpa Tenzing’s daughter.
  • ICE AXE – Sherpa’s tool
  • NORGAY – Hillary’s Sherpa guide
  • TIBET – Sherpa’s home
  • CROSSHAIR – Sighting reference
  • KHYBER PASS – Mountainous route negotiated by Sherpas, under a thousand
  • SITTINGDUCK – Gallery sighting
  • PASSE – Old hat some Sherpas sent.
  • LEADEROFDEEPAK – Chopra’s Sherpa
  • GUIDES – Sherpas, e.g.
  • SCRAPHEAPS – Tips sherpa’s cap off
  • LAMA – Sherpa’s spiritual guide
  • YAK – Sherpa’s milk source
  • YAKS – Sherpa’s herd animals
  • PHRASE – Sherpa’s foreign expression
  • M T N – Sherpa’s domain: Abbr.
  • MOUNTAIN AIR – Sherpa’s theme song
  • HILLMAN – Sherpa’s old vehicle


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