Start of a Musical Crossword Clue (Right Answers)

We found the solution for the Start of a Musical crossword clue. The top solution is determined by ratings, popularity, and frequency of searches. The most likely answer for the clue is ACTI.

Crossword ClueLengthAnswer
Start of a Musical Crossword Clue4ACTI

You can find multiple different answers below for the start of a musical crossword clue.

If you are unsure which is the correct answer to choose, double-check the letter count to make sure it fits into your crossword grid.

What Is the Start of a Musical Crossword Clue?

We will be looking at the definition of crossword clue for “start of a musical.”

A crossword puzzle clue is a word or phrase that hints at the answer to a crossword puzzle.

A crossword puzzle clue may be a word, phrase, or partial word.

And the crossword clue for the start of a musical is ACTI.

What Does the Start of a Musical Activity Mean?

The beginning of a musical activity tells the agent that the activity is about to begin.

Before beginning to play a musical instrument, be sure to either wave or click your badge.

A musical activity will begin when:

  • The music (and any accompanying comments) starts.
  • The digital music begins to play.
  • The activity of playing the song starts.
  • The music starts.
  • The digital music starts.

The start of a musical is a very popular puzzle game in the USA that we have spotted over 20 times.

Our team hopes that the list of synonyms for the start of a musical crossword clue will help you finish today’s crossword.

We have gathered even more useful synonyms for the start of a musical crossword clue, which you can find in the list of clues below.

List of Synonyms for the Start of a Musical Crossword Clue

  • ACTI – Start of a musical
  • ACT I – Start of a musical
  • TRA – Start of a musical phrase
  • DOREMI – Start of a musical scale
  • AONE – Start of a musical count
  • REGISTER – Part of a musical instrument’s compass with a distinct character
  • PIECE – It may be a bit of a musical composition
  • DO RE MI – Start of a musical series
  • TRA LA – Start of a musical refrain
  • C D E – Start of a musical scale
  • TRA – Start of a musical refrain
  • TRALA – Start of a musical refrain
  • CDE – Start of a musical scale
  • WHAT WOULD YOU GET – Start of a musical riddle
  • A ONE – Start of a musical count
  • BEGIN – Start
  • WHATWOULDYOUGET – Start of a musical riddle
  • CLEF – Sign placed at the beginning of a musical staff to determine the pitch of the notes
  • OSSIA – A possibly easier alternative to the original version of a musical passage
  • ECHO – A code word; a reflected sound; quiet repetition of a musical phrase; an electronic reverb effect in a recording; or a memory evoked
  • WHATBUMPERSTICKER – Start of a riddle
  • DAME – A stock character of the comparatively modern form of a musical comedy tradition
  • SAT – Survived a game of musical chairs
  • CARNIVAL – The – of the Animals; English title of a musical suite by Camille Saint-Saens
  • ANECDOTE – Story of a musical fragment covering a side of one disc
  • CODA – Concluding passage of a musical piece/section of a dance
  • DIATONIC – A type of musical scale
  • EENY – Start of a counting rhyme
  • RENDITION – Surrendering a performance of a musical work
  • SERVE – Start a set
  • TRIANGLE – A musical affair
  • FRET – A small bar of metal across the fingerboard of a musical instrument
  • FUGAL – Of or relating to or in the style of a musical fugue
  • REVUE – Heard one had to write a critique of a musical show
  • COMPOSER – Writer of a musical score, possibly out of love for a politician
  • INTERLUDE – A section in a movement of a musical piece
  • HTTP – Start of a URL
  • LIBRETTO – Book of words of a musical
  • ABRA – Start of a spell
  • STEPONE – It’s a start
  • THREEPENCE – Bit of a literal interpretation of a musical based on Kipps?
  • MY FAIR LADY – A beauty of a musical
  • PASSAGE – A short section of a musical composition
  • ONCE – Start of a reminiscence
  • IFSOMEBODYWROTEA – Start of a riddle
  • OUTRO – A final part of a musical work

Crossword Puzzle Tips and Trivia

How do you solve a puzzle that goes across and down?

Begin by solving the fill-in-the-blank clues, as they are typically simpler than the other types.

This will create a web of answers which can be used to help complete the puzzle.

Utilize this network to solve as many squares as possible, then start with the #1 box and work across, then down.

If the word fits in both directions, it can be filled in.

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