Watermark Musician Crossword Clue (Right Answers)

We found the solution for the Watermark Musician crossword clue. The top solution is determined by ratings, popularity, and frequency of searches. The most likely answer for the clue is ENYA.

Crossword ClueLengthAnswer
Watermark Musician Crossword Clue4ENYA

You can find multiple different answers below for the watermark musician crossword clue.

If you are unsure which is the correct answer to choose, double-check the letter count to make sure it fits into your crossword grid.

What Is the Watermark Musician Crossword Clue?

We will be looking at the definition of crossword clue for “watermark musician.”

A crossword puzzle clue is a word or phrase that hints at the answer to a crossword puzzle.

A crossword puzzle clue may be a word, phrase, or partial word.

And the crossword clue for the watermark musician is ENYA.

What Does Watermark Musician Mean?

Enya’s second studio album, Watermark, was released in 1988 and was met with critical acclaim.

The album has been praised for its sophisticated sound, utilizing multi-tracked vocals with keyboards, percussion instruments, and elements of Celtic, ambient, and New-age music.

While many have tried to label her music, Enya has said it does not fit neatly into any single genre.

Watermark features a variety of musical styles that reflect the unique sound that Enya has been working on perfecting since her earlier albums.

The album features Enya’s trademark sound of multi-layered vocals and ambient soundscapes that transport the listener to a place of inner peace and serenity.

The watermark musician is a very popular puzzle game in the USA that we have spotted over 34 times.

Our team hopes that the list of synonyms for the watermark musician crossword clue will help you finish today’s crossword.

We have gathered even more useful synonyms for the watermark musician crossword clue, which you can find in the list of clues below.

List of Synonyms for the Watermark Musician Crossword Clue

  • ENYA – Watermark musician
  • BAGPIPER – Highland musician
  • GUITARIST – Musicians such as John Williams, Brian May, or Bert Weedon
  • ENO – Musician Brian
  • HONDO – “Watermark” singer
  • PIPER – Burns night musician
  • MOIRE – The rippled ‘watermark’ pattern on the fabric, especially silk
  • FOOLSCAP – Paper or book size (from its watermark)
  • YANNI – One-named Greek musician
  • ONO – “Double Fantasy” musician
  • MARKET – Watermark etching showing tradesmen’s gathering
  • SANTANA – “Evil Ways” musician
  • PSY – ‘Gangnam Style’ musician
  • SEACOAST – Water line
  • HOSE – Water line
  • BANJOIST – Musician or another heading off to tour America (New Jersey)
  • ONO – Musician from Tokyo
  • CLARINETTIST – Recital isn’t ruined with tense musician
  • NILE – Water line, maybe
  • TOPSIDES – Ship part above the water line
  • VIRTUOSO – Highly-skilled musician
  • STEVEMARTIN – US actor, comedian, and musician, star of The Jerk (1979)
  • MAIN – Principal water line
  • TACET – “Don’t play,” to a musician
  • SMOG – “Dongs of Sevotion” musician
  • ROW – Move over the water line
  • ORPHEUS – He pours a cocktail for a brilliant classical musician
  • KRALL – Diane __, Canadian jazz musician
  • ALBUMDROP – *Major release from a musician
  • PIPE – Water line
  • RHYTHM – Asset for a dancer or musician
  • WAKE – Water line
  • TIDEMARK – Water line on a dock
  • SELENATORS – Nickname for fans of Instagram’s most-followed musician
  • PAAK – Musician Anderson
  • GIG – Job for a musician
  • SPY HOP – Rise above the water line to look around, as a whale does
  • TESH – “A Romantic Christmas” musician John
  • PUNKROCKER – Antiestablishment musician
  • ENO – “After the Heat” musician
  • JARULE – “Always on Time” musician

Crossword Puzzle Tips and Trivia

What part of the brain is active when doing puzzles?

The use of puzzles is an excellent way to engage both the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

According to Dr. Marcello Danesi, this approach can even lead to better mental functioning overall.

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Memory also comes into play, especially in word-based and math-based puzzles.

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